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Jun. 12th, 2011

These are a couple of sketches that I'm gonna have my bf ink. He wants to practice, so why not draw something awesome? Like the trinity. They're the bear and I do enjoy drawing them.

and its great

This is what i do at my job and its great

This is how I spent my afternoon. With my boy, my twin and her boy. And it was great.

Oh yea. That's totally drawn on pink paper.

farewell oracle, farewell

So, in the Dc universe, they're relaunchjng 52 titles. And a lot is changing. The biggest thing for me is that Barbara Gordon is going to be batgirl again. And since she was paralyzed back in '88, she has been known as Oracle. Basically... The eyes and ears of gothams protectors and a technological whiz. People have been drawing her in the chair as a goodbye. And so did i!

Go there for more oracle drawings!

this is a self portrait

I walk into shrubbery all day long. And I continue to pay more attention to my phone than anything else.

And that's the walking dead chilling next to my artwork. Grood comic. Grood. Great and good.

o childhood

I've been feeling rather nostalgic about old tv. I haven't watched much tv since ice been working oh.... thirty million hours a week... but any hoozle... I guess I mis sailor moon. The idea if chicks all having a certain color and power... kinda like the power rangers was awesome. And pokemon. Man... that's what I looked forward to the most on Saturday mornings.

This is tabby. The white version of me that ive yet to meet even though she lives merely an hour away.

And sailor moon


free sketches

So I work at the local comic book shop in my town, and the first of every Saturday we have artists come and do free sketches for people. its pretty cool, cuz we all have too jars and the like, and I love hanging out with fellow local illustrators!

It really makes me want to write a book or do a collection of drawings cuz the other artists there, do a lot of that sort of thing. I wanna sell my work at cons and stuff. I think I really wanna look into doing that.

Anyhoo, here are some of my fav sketches from the day:

color practice - fairy dood

This is mostly just color practice. I don't usually too much shading on my drawings. In fact, j usually don't do any... but anyway, here's some practice.

of the future

I drew a considerable amount today. Mostly cuz I was in bed sick. Might as well be productive.

yes sir, boobs.

This really happened.

More or less.


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