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moving to tumblr!

alright people... IM MOVING TO TUMBLR! i think i'll get more traffic there... and... it looks nicer. :T
Follow me there!


My Muffin

I"m working on drawing from the figure more accurately. I'm way out of practice.

and then i sent him this picture as a testament of my adoration

Jim and Buck

Working on my characters Jim and Buck. Kinda like a celebratory drawing since i finished penciling the first chapter. (its only 7 pages long but its got alot of information).

So This Western...

So I don't remember if I mentioned the Western that I'm working on. NO title yet, of course. But Its coming along nicely. I've already penciled about 5 pages (roughly). And I took some real crudly pictures with my phone of each individual panel from the first page... And then played with it in photoshop. So far... I think its gonna be awesome.

Dood, once I actually have the pencils and inks done... and LEGIT get it on my computer. (Like with a scanner), I'm gonna be belting out some magic, right here.

Also, my editor from ink and drink (the comic publications that i got into), said he was really impressed with my work so far. He said... "you've got some chops!" Which is always a really nice thing to hear. ESPECIALLY after being DESTROYED at my portfolio review last semester.

Anyway... here's a very rough picture of page one. Soon, though.. .it will be less rough.

comics. and a western one, at that!

I'm writing a comic! And illustrating one. Well... They are the same comic. Here are some images! I have done no inking yet. Soon.


I don't like the phrase dearheart because I can only think of... Deer heart. Also, is sweetheart not good enough anymore?

already emotional

So the last harry potter movie comes out in a month... And im already getting emotional. I mean... Ive spent ten years of my life on these movies. Ten years, people. That's half my life.

crime fighting ladies

more wonder

halloween costume worthy

So im a sucker for bitchin capes. And supergirls new cape is most certainly bitchin. Her new costume actually makes me like her a bit more. So hopefully the relaunch makes her character less of an idiot.


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